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By Jayda Basevski

Art is something that inspires me every day. Whether it be capturing moments in my life or being able to tell a story through my work, art always finds a way back to me. In school and in my free time, I like to experiment with photography. The two pieces I am most proud of are photographs of my grandparents.

During the beginning of the pandemic, the lockdown took a huge toll on not just me, but the whole world. Not being able to see friends and family really taught me how grateful I should be for the things I have and that I should not take things for granted such as little things like visits to my grandparents.

Photo by Jayda Basevski

Through photography, I was able to capture these moments and emotions. Although the pandemic has affected our lives in many negative ways, it gave me an opportunity to learn more about photography and visual arts and helped me see the potential within me. Having lots of time to myself allowed me to explore different concepts within art and really helped me in figuring out what I enjoy doing.

Art gives people the ability to share things with the world. Whether it be a story, a world issue, or simply your own thoughts and feelings. This is what inspires me in art. Although I may not always be proud of my work, sharing it with the world excites me as it brings me out of my comfort zone. I enjoy art because it gives me a way to express myself and all my emotions into projects. The diversity of art is what excites me about art as the possibilities are endless and there will always be new things to try. As a child, I was quite the creative mind. Always doodling on pages instead of doing homework and partaking in tons of arts and crafts, young Jayda could never get enough of art. Now, graduating high school, creativity remains within me and will continue to stay for the rest of my life.

Photo by Jayda Basevski

After high school, I do not have any set plans to study art in school, but I will continue to explore my passion for art and photography outside of university. Art has helped me by giving me opportunities to expand outside of my comfort zone. With being introduced to new art styles and mediums, I have learned to try new things.

Whether the result ends up being successful or not, the fact that I tried is enough to keep me going and most importantly, I learned a valuable process. Without failing in my work, I will never be able to fully succeed. This is an integral part of the artistic process. Which also relates to, life.

Photography is my favourite way of creating art. It inspires me to see the beauty in life, even in the most boring of places. I love taking photos knowing I’ve captured something of value that I’ll always be able to look back at and remember the story behind. Aside from photography being the main source of my artwork, some mediums I like to use are acrylics and watercolours.

Jayda Basevski

At Sandwich Secondary, I have been exposed to many new mediums, and although some were challenging to work with, they expanded my knowledge of mediums and gave me opportunities to experiment with new things.

Visual arts and photography have exposed me to many new concepts and techniques. These two classes have helped me appreciate art more. I have participated in multiple community shows over the last year.

Doubting myself and my abilities, I was only able to enter these shows due to a push from my visual arts and photography teacher, Ms. Srdanov. With this encouragement, I was able to receive a first-place award for one of my photographs. May this be a lesson to others to always believe in yourself because you never know what lies ahead of you and what you can achieve.

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