Chatham Kent health care worker pens children’s book

Even God Made the Birds and Bees explains ‘Miracle of Life’

By Matt Weingarden – The Lakeshore News Staff


Windsor Regional Hospital X-ray Technologist and Chatham-Kent resident Rosemary Simmons Ellsworth had often thought about writing a book. 

Her mother encouraged her to do so as a child – because she loved telling stories. 

God Even Made the Birds and the Bees is her first publication, and the book’s subject matter came to her in an unlikely way.

She was reading a book about the ‘Birds and the Bees’ to her children and niece.

Anatomically, the book portrayed conception correctly, but Rosemary felt there was something missing.

“Acknowledging the greater power in charge of this miraculous creation of life,” was what she concluded. 

With her Christian background, she wanted to include the spiritual perspective and the reasons why it is often referred to as ‘The Miracle of Life.’ 

In talking with others, Simmons Ellsworth discovered a lot of parents have a difficult time addressing the issue and starting the ‘talk’ with their children. She hopes the book will open the door to a meaningful and loving discussion.

“I felt this could be a good resource,” said Simmons Ellsworth. “They could give the book to their child to read – or read the book to them and start the conversation.”

She wrote the book over a couple of weeks in July 2019 and ironically, the book cover is one she drew as a teenager. The book’s cover features a beautiful bird she painted for an art project in high school.

Diving into book publishing for the first time in her life, she researched self-publishers and landed on Christian Publisher Westbow Press – with illustrations by Lee Highgate – who attends the same church as Rosemary.

“It was a great experience. If you want to write a book, it isn’t as hard as you think. Just do it so you have no regrets,” she said.  

God Even Made the Birds and the Bees is now available in Canada and the U.S. on Amazon for $17.45.

To purchase the book, visit HERE or email Rosemary Simmons at


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