Doughnation Day Raises Funds for Windsor Regional Hospital

After opening its doors earlier this year, COBS Bread made a generous donation to Windsor Regional Hospital, May 10.

Through the bakery’s “Doughnation Day” in March and April, COBS raised funds for a new Preva Mobile Dental X-Ray machine in the Paediatric Unit at Windsor Regional Hospital.

In total, COBS Bread raised $8,000.

“For me personally, it’s about investing in and supporting the community,” says owner, Sandra Janzen.

The machine, designed specifically to examine children’s teeth, will replace an older device that is 20 years old. The new x-ray machine will provide state-of-the-art digital dental radiographs to help dentists detect fractures, advanced dental caries, dental abscesses and other abnormalities.

“It’s used in the OR suites by the Paediatrics Dentists to take films throughout the procedure while the child’s asleep,” says Jen Trkulja, Director, Perioperative Services at Windsor Regional Hospital.

“They can do between three and four procedures a day.”

The X-Ray machine is also instrumental for the diagnosis and treatment of special needs children and adults who are unable to let us know if and when a problem exists.

The current machine at Windsor Regional Hospital is used for 1300 surgeries annually.

“During the pandemic, we have needed our hospitals and the staff more than ever. This is a small way to say ‘Thank you’ to them and give back in a way that will improve their capacity to deliver great healthcare,” said Janzen.

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