Lakeshore residents invited to provide feedback on Shoreline Management Plan

Info session seeks to identify and mitigate flooding and erosion hazards

The Lakeshore News Staff

Lakeshore residents are invited to review the Municipality’s draft Shoreline Management Plan and attend the upcoming Public Information Centre sessions hosted on Tues., Feb. 22. 

The draft plan, produced by consultants Stantec Consulting Ltd. and Zuzek Inc., identifies Lake St. Clair shoreline flooding and erosion hazards and proposes several short- and long-term strategies to address existing and future risks to public health and property. 

The virtual Public Information Centre sessions will be hosted via Zoom from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. The sessions will provide members of the public and stakeholders an opportunity to review and provide input on the draft plan. 

Input and feedback received will impact the following plan themes: 

  • Prevention – of new development from locating within areas which could be subject to the loss of life and property damage from natural hazards. 
  • Protection – of existing development from natural hazards through the application of structural and non-structural measures (including acquisition). 
  • Emergency Response – to prepare for emergency situations through flood forecasting and warning systems and implement appropriate emergency response procedures such as evacuating areas and disaster relief. 
  • Public Information – to increase awareness of challenges and risks associated with shoreline hazards. 
  • Environment – to ensure that no adverse environmental impacts result from actions. 
  • Monitor – the implementation of the Shoreline Management Plan and the effectiveness of the recommendations. 

To review the draft plan and background, please visit the Shoreline Management Plan’s Resource page (no login required). 

To register for one of the Public Information Centre sessions, fill out the online form or contact Stantec at or (226) 926-8794. 


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