LaSalle Hockey Player Honoured with Mickey Renaud Award

Mickey Renaud, 19, was the Captain of the Ontario Hockey League Windsor Spitfires in 2008 when he passed away unexpectedly.

He was described as the greatest example of leadership on and off the ice. In his memory, the Mickey Renaud Award was created to annually recognize a player who best embodies the qualities shown by Mickey, leadership, team dedication, and sportsmanship, according to

For the first time in two years, due to Covid-19, the tradition of naming a new holder of the award was renewed and was given to Connor Chartrand, the center and the captain of the Windsor AAA Zone U16.

When he found out he won the award, Connor said he felt proud, honoured, and excited.

“It is an absolute honour to receive this award,” said Connor. “Knowing how respected Mickey Renaud was and what he meant to his fellow teammates makes me very proud to be mentioned for these attributes. I know how important chemistry is to a team achieving its potential and I enjoy being a positive influence to achieve this both on and off the ice.”

Connor’s mother, Sherri Chartrand, said she wanted her kids to participate in sports so they could learn valuable life skills.

“As parents, we’ve always reinforced hard work and being a good teammate and doing the little things right so for that to translate into leadership and for Connor to be recognized for that was really exciting. Those types of skills are not always noticed on the highlight reels but those skills translate very well into life.”

Connor said one thing he wants others to know that he learned from this experience is the importance of being good to others.

“Be a good teammate and always try to help others around you to achieve their potential,” said Connor. “Be a leader and respect your teammates differences. Most of all have fun and work hard and the rest comes easy.”


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