LaSalle Public School students donate to Ronald McDonald House

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LaSalle Public School students donate to Ronald McDonald House

During a month dedicated to Kindness at LaSalle Public School, a group of students joined forces to fundraise money for the Southern Ontario chapter of the Ronald McDonald House.

Since 1974, Ronald McDonald House has been helping families during their time of need.

According to the Ronald McDonald House website, Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario is a growing chapter that continues to expand its services in order to help more families with seriously ill children.

Stephanie Porritt, is a Family Services Coordinator for the Southern Ontario chapter of the Ronald

Posters created by LPS students hang in the Southern Ontario chapter of the Ronald McDonald House

McDonald House. She said she was inspired and impressed to see youth help the program continue to provide its service.

“They are helping improve rooms, update rooms, providing hot meals, and helping these families stay close,” said Porritt. “Sometimes if families can’t afford their stay, they aren’t turned away for inability to pay. So the money also helps that too. When you have a critically ill child, all you’re thinking about is that. And so this money helps in every way.”

Today, there are 368 Ronald McDonald Houses in 64 countries, keeping families close to their loved ones. The program provides a private room and bath, homemade dinners, laundry facilities, and all the other comforts of home for just $12 a night. Giving families a sense of ‘normal’ while lifting some of the financial burdens weighing on parents, according to Ronald McDonald House.

Maria Mickle’s Grade 6 class lead the initiative, raising $864 for the Ronald McDonald House. She said she tried the event for authentic hands-on learning with the students.

“Their posters became real-life posters to promote the kindness and the money that we wanted to raise for Ronald McDonald House,” said Mickle. “I said to them, this is not just a poster, you’re gonna just put up and have it mean nothing, this is real life. The units we put together, for example, the coloring contest with a primary, junior, and intermediate. It was a real contest, with real prizes, so that we could promote random acts of kindness. They got to experience this for real, everything was authentic. I’m very proud of them. I can’t believe what they did.”

Some other ways residents can help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House include adopting a room, donating wishlist items, becoming a family ambassador, as well as other initiatives on their website.

Two of Mickle’s students, Maggie Miller and Nate McLean both took leading roles in the initiative and both agreed because of this experience, they will be participating in more fundraising efforts in the future.

Nancy Appleyard, teacher from LaSalle Public School said she is proud of Mickle’s class.

“I want everyone to know what an amazing job this class and their teacher did,” said Appleyard.
“They didn’t let up for a minute and they were so excited and I was so excited. And being able to give back to the community outside of the school was the goal and we’re doing that and I hope that these kids remember and feel it and are able to do it in the future.”

If you are interested in donating to the Ronald McDonald House, you can visit their donation page here.

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