LaSalle Public Students Create PomPoms for a Purpose

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written by Ava Vitella

Five girls at LaSalle Public School one day wanted to make Pom poms.

Eve Litster brought in handheld Pom Pom makers for the other girls to use. At recess, Eve would take them out and they would make Pom poms.

The next day, Allienna Brown brought more yarn options to use. There was fluffy yarn, rough yarn, etc. The five girls told the Vice Principal about their pom-poms and she loved the idea and wanted to make it part of the school’s Kindness Initiative.

As a group, we decided that maybe if someone is feeling anxious or stressed over something then they can have a pom-pom to help them feel better. This would even be direct support for mental health. Another idea they had for the pom poms was since schools in Ontario are going back to normal recesses, they can give away a pom-pom to someone who is “caught” being kind.

As a result, they started giving the pompoms out to students as well as teachers because they are always super kind and supportive. Over the March Break, Ava Vitella bought handheld Pom Pom makers and yarn to start making pom poms herself too.

After the march break, they put their plan into action.

In conclusion, the five girls Eve Litster, Ava Vitella, Allienna Brown,  Sairalyn Keil, and Josephine Karpenko went from one day wanting to make poms for fun to create the “Pom Poms For A Purpose” initiative.

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