LaSalle Resident Achieves Her Dreams


Lifetime LaSalle resident, former Turtle Club softball player and Sandwich Secondary School student, Breanna Lee has big plans.

Her dedication and incredible drive have been noted by all who know her – since the age of four years old – all of which has paid off as Breanna starts a new chapter in her life, as a recently accepted Eastern Nazarene College student, and softball team player.

Jodi Eadi and Mike Lee are Breanna’s stepmother and father. They said they are very proud of her for everything she’s accomplished and look forward to watching her experience her new adventure.

“We’ve gotten so many compliments on her drive since she’s started playing softball, and with [softball] bringing her this end result, we couldn’t be more proud,” said Mike. “There are so many schools out there who hand out scholarships for kids to keep playing the sports they’re good at.”

“Hardwork and commitment to the game can help you get anywhere you would like to go and [Breanna] is a great example of that,” said Jodi.

Sara Lee and Wes Lambier, Breanna’s mother and stepfather. They said despite considerable challenges, persistence to overcome all obstacles that headed Breanna’s way is one of the main things they learned from her.

“She’s dedicated she’s worked hard for this,” said Lambier. “Bree reached out to coaches, travelling where she could, submitting her application, she put herself out there even through the COVID years … she knew exactly what she wanted, she went for it and now she’s getting it and it’s amazing to see.”

“I’m most proud of her with her academics as well, she’s had a 90 per cent average while she did all her sports obligations. Obviously, I’m glad she’s doing what she loves but she’s such a smart girl to top it off.” said Sara.

Breanna sent out applications to more than one college, but when she found out she was accepted by Eastern Nazarene College, she was over the moon with excitement, finally accomplishing the thing she has worked so hard for.

She said she credits her softball career for helping her gain the skills she uses in everyday life.

“Softball has made me a more well-rounded individual, where I can use the leadership qualities that I gathered on and off the field,” said Breanna. “I’ve learned incredible communication and perseverance in the face of struggle. Everybody’s gonna have those down moments, softball is a game of failure. When you face those failures or those upsets in life, and you learn to persevere, you come out on top.”

Breanna said she wants young softball players to know their love for the game can also help them achieve their ultimate life goals too.

“You can go as far as you want,” said Breanna. “You keep working hard, you keep putting in those hours, and don’t lose your passion for the sport you love … Don’t let the failures knock you down. ”

Breanna will be moving to ENC in Quincy, Massachusetts to play for their softball team and plans to study Crime, law and justice.

“I’d like to thank everybody that’s helped me along on my journey,” said Breanna. “Every single person that I’ve met along the way has helped shape me into the player and the person that I am and I appreciate everybody beyond comprehension.”

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