LaSalle Resident of the Month – March

Recognizing Joan Carrick

Resident of the Month for March, Joan Carrick

Meet the LaSalle Resident of the Month for March, Joan Carrick.

Life-long LaSalle resident, Joan Carrick owns and works at Carrick Farms on Malden Rd.

She has been there for over 40 years. She tries to keep her prices down because she wants everyone to be able to get the flowers, fruits and vegetables they want/need. She never went into the price hikes that others did to take advantage of the Covid situation, she’s not about that.

She has donated things when asked and is all about helping the community whenever she can.  Sometimes fruit and vegetables don’t look perfect and people won’t buy them, so if it isn’t badly marked or bruised, she will put them aside and give them to the customers that come in who she knows are struggling.

She is very honest, kind, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Ask her what type of apple you should make a pie with, what flowers need sun or shade and she’ll help you.  At Christmas time she makes every wreath, blanket, swag and basket by hand.  She will even put extra time in to create made-to-order items for those who need something made special. I don’t know anywhere else that does that.  She takes a lot of pride in what she does. People don’t know but she starts the planting of her flowers, vegetables, and herbs beginning of March and she starts getting everything ready in February. She is an extremely hard worker, which is why I want her recognized as Resident of the Month.

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