LaSalle Skaters to Compete in Provincial Figure Skating Competition

Skate Lasalle has several Skaters who have qualified for the Skate Ontario provincial competition.

“These athletes have competed at multiple super series events throughout the winter season to achieve top final ranking order in their respective category to qualify for the 2022 Skate Ontario Provincial Championship,” said coach Cindy LeClair.

The championship will be held at Iceland Mississauga from March 24 – 27.

Coached by Christine Plunkett, Stephanie Paraschak, Victoria Hasaqawa and Cindy LeClair.

Frida Xin & Ryan Yim Star 8/9 Couples Dance


From left: Lauren Luvisotto – Star 6 Ladies & Star 7 012, Kate Griffith – Star 5U13 Ladies, Arista Lee- Gold Ladies Free Skate & Gold Artistic, Mayiah Willis- Star 5U13, Maddie Heber- Star 6 Ladies, Angelina Tortola – Star 5 U13


From left: Justin Yim- Star 5 O13 Men, Davanah Durocher- Star 7 Artistic, Ryan Yim- Star 6 Men, Warren Yim- Star 5O13 Men

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