Lemonade Stand for Awareness

Three girls living in LaSalle are helping create hope for a family in need. Reese Litfin, 11, Katie Pillon, 10, and Nora Pillon, 8 organized a popcorn stand outside their home to help raise funds for 8 year old Abigaille D’Alimonte.
Amie Litfin is a mother of one of the girls. She said we works with Abigaille’s mother, Nicole, making this cause very near and dear to the families on both the receiving end and organization end of the fundraiser.
“If the world was compromised of people who are kind and treated others how they would like to be treated, it would be a wonderful place to live,” said Amie. “I tell my daughter, Reese, this all the time. She has become one of the most kind and empathic girl I know and I’m so glad to call her mine. These attributes need to be instilled in our youth to possibly teach some adults to be kind and love one another.”
In May 2022 Abby complained of her vision being blurred and having trouble seeing. Upon a routine eye exam they immediately sought medical attention for a cancerous tumour on her brain. At the surgery doctors determined that they could not successfully remove all of the tumour because it had also attached to her spine. A separate surgery was performed to place a shunt to help control swelling.
At this time, Abby is undergoing treatments to help maintain her symptoms with an uncertain future.
Now the community has come together to help Reese, Nora and Katie raise more funds for Abby – Twisted treats on Maple Rd kindly saw our as and donated some chocolate treats to sell as well.
“The girls learned what it feels like to help someone with just being kind,” said Amie. “Then the community did the rest by the outpouring support the girls. Abby was able to come to the popcorn stand and spend sometime with us last Thursday July 14 when the girls were selling. The smiles and laughs were enough to make the venture worth while.”
Nora, Katie and Reese have successfully raised $850 through the sale of popcorn. Further donations can be e-transfered or emailed for pick up via email amielitfin@gmail.com.
The next fundraiser will be Friday, August 5 from 12 to 5 at the corner of Mayfair and Maple.

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