Sandwich West Brings Well-known Film to Life

Two years ago, when the pandemic started, Sandiwch West Public School was getting ready to put on their performance of Frozen Jr when everything came to a screeching halt.

Unable to ‘let it go’ Lisa Campbell, the play’s director and retired teacher from Sandwich West, decided to bring the production back for another try once restrictions were lifted. Now, everything has been set in motion, students have been given more freedoms and the show will now – finally – go on.

“We had all the costumes, we had everything pretty well ready to go when everything shut down,” said Campbell. “The kids have been so excited and so committed because they haven’t been able to do anything for so long. It’s been so quiet in the schools, and now everything is coming back to life, not just with the students … I have had more parent volunteers than I’ve ever had to participate in this production.”

Campbell said this whole experience with canceling the show and closing the opportunity for students in extracurriculars has opened everyone’s eyes to the importance of student participation in school events.

“I started with school plays 17 years ago after noticing Sandwich had a strong academic and athletic presence,” said Campbell. “What we didn’t have was a lot of artistic opportunities. When I started, kids who never participated and kids who had behavioral issues in school, all of a sudden, were there. And they were safe and happy and involved in something they actually enjoyed.”

The play features all the Frozen favourites with elaborate background designs, costumes, musical numbers, and dancing. There are daytime and evening performances, and the public is welcome to come to watch the performance as well.

“I want them to see how happy these kids are. You look in their eyes and then see that they’re in their element,” said Campbell. “The last few years have been so hard, so we’re going to go out there and make some happy memories for these students, and for the people who want to come to watch.”

Production dates for the general public are from June 6 until June 9 at 7 p.m Email to reserve tickets.

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