Students Raise Awareness for Black History Month

Photo Courtesy of Darren Gravalese

The students of St. Thomas of Villanova have been honouring the contributions of African-Americans throughout history this month.

Black History Month takes place from February 1 until March 1 every year. Since its first recognized year in Chicago 1915, Black History Month is now celebrated by Americans, Canadians and has more recently been noted in Ireland and the U.K.

Photo courtesy of Darren Gravalese
Photo courtesy of Darren Gravalese Students decorated the doors of St. Thomas of Villanova to celebrate Black History Month 

Throughout February, the classroom doors of Villanova have had a make-over. All sporting inspiring quotes, artwork, and profiles of African-American communities and role models.

“I strongly believe our school has come a long way in the journey to equality however like most things in life, there’s always room to improve,” said Grade 11 student, Sargon Narsa.

According to Statistics Canada, African-American youth aged 15 to 34 are more likely to report experiencing discrimination compared to adults aged 35, 54, 55, and older. This is one of the reasons Villanova Principal, Laura Beltran says it’s important to support Black History Month with youth.

She also said there has been a lot of positive feedback from the students regarding this year’s participation.

“We believe it is so important to highlight equality with the students,” said Beltran. “Showing them the hardships these people went through, and still go through helps them understand and when they leave here, they can bring that understanding out into the community.”

For more information on Black History Month as well as upcoming events to help celebrate, please visit Black History Month Windsor Essex.

Photos by Darren Gravalese

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