The Detroit River Walleye Classic Making a Comeback

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There’s no other feeling like it.

The rhythmic bobbing of your boat on the river, the chants of seagulls overhead. A slight breeze skips along the water and the colours of the sky change as the sun rises into a brilliant, cloudless sky. Sitting in the boat, focusing on the fishing rod you have set up before you. There are others around you whispering to one another about everything and nothing, but you don’t notice them, all you can see is the line that leads deep into the water below you. It is silent. Then, the rod dips, and the adrenaline kicks in. You raise your rod, sinking the hook into place, the chaos of the morning was all for this exact moment. You’re trying not to get too excited, saving the moment of victory for when the fish reaches the surface. They fight you, you fight back. You catch a brief sighting as the fish swims up just under the soft waves in the water before plunging back to the depths. The battle rages on until finally, the frantic flapping of a tail hits the bottom of your boat, and you lay eyes on your keeper.

That feeling of accomplishment, along with the mutual respect for what nature has to offer its beholders cannot be beaten.

The LaSalle Firefighters Association is back and will be hosting the 13th Annual Charity Fishing Tournament on May 7 with 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. launch slots available.

Fishermen are invited to participate in the popular charity event on the Detroit River, launching from the LaSalle boat ramp at Gil Maure Park on Front Road.

“This event is planned as our primary fundraising initiative for 2022,” said LaSalle Fire Association President, Chris Carr. “It will be really nice to see the community come together again.”

First place prize for the longest fish is a $1,500 cash prize as well as a free mounting of the winning fish compliments of Trophy Wildlife Taxidermy Studio. The second-place titleholder will receive $700 and the third place winner will receive $500. There are more prize possibilities for places four to 10 as well.

Carr said the tournament and raffle following the tournament will both be held as they were in the past with COVID safety guidelines in place. One of the differences that will be noticed by participants this year, is the registration process can now be done online.

For more information or to register for the Walleye Classic, please visit

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