Villanova Brings on the Puppy Power

A group of students have donated 100 stuffed toy dogs to First Responders. These stuffed animals will be given to children who are involved in traumatic or stressful events and accidents.

Members from the LaSalle Police and Fire Services gathered outside St. Thomas of Villanova High School to collect the donations on June 8.

Villanova Department Head of Catholic Studies and Social Justice teacher, Jolene Coste was the head of the initiative, she said she believes it’s important for students to be a part of projects like this to help create a positive relationship with emergency services. She has donated to local first responder branches in the past, this time being the second time she donated to LaSalle.

“The world right now is in crisis,” said Villanova Principal, Laura Beltran. “We’ve all seen it, even in our own communities, there’s a lot of violence that our kids are witnessing that we’re seeing, that we’re hearing about. And so what we have always said here is that we will lead by example, we will rise above, and we will make changes in our community by the changes we are able to make here. And yet this is another example of us showing our kid that these little acts of kindness make a huge impact on the lives of others.”

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