Villanova Student Donates to Downtown Mission

Since the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, schools have worked extra hard to bring different experiences to students to make up for some of the social opportunities they missed out on.

This has created new fun, new conversations, and more importantly – new initiatives to help others.

This semester, Grade 12 St Thomas of Villanova student, Alexa Tortola took an online course where she was given the challenge to create social awareness or social change. That’s when she decided to go above and beyond to her project. Tortola wrote announcements that were read every morning for a week, asking for items to be donated to those in need at the Downtown Mission and her fellow students responded generously.

“[Tortola] is definitely one of those students who will be greatly missed when she graduates this year,” said Beltran. “She is so humble and definitely demonstrates the Wildcat spirit with her generosity, compassion, hard work behind the scenes, and definitely a student that, you know, she’s not taking credit for it, she did it for all the love of it – not just for the credit.”

Tortola called the Downtown Mission to ask them what they were in need of and what they run out of a lot – based off that list, she created an initiative to help. A car full of toiletries and over 700 cans were donated to the cause by the end of her week of collecting.

“I just hope that my story inspires others to start taking action because it takes just one person to trigger some more change in the community,” said Tortola.


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